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B174-80S for circulating pump seals

Product Description:Double cartridge mechanical seals B174-80S for Seaflow pump and filter pump application.
Product Description

Model number:  mechanical seals SDMSSEAL- B174-80S

Style:     Cartridge mechanical seals
Place of origin:   Sichuan, China,products with patents
Certification:  CE, API Q1,ISO ISO9001,QS
HS code of mechanical seals:  8484200090 

Sealing ring :  hard metal
Other metal parts :  2Cr13/304/316L
Auxiliary seal :  FPM/FKM/MVQ/NBR

Design features
Double cartridge mechanical seals B174-80S for Seaflow pump and filter pump application. The structure of this product replace BB series products,design for structure without flushing water, but the same shaft diameter of BB series product has the same installation size with B174-80S,it is suitable for someplace without flushing conditions.

Application factory
Seaflow pump

Application type
General pumps types

Packaging Details:Standard export carton/Wooden Box or according to the requirement
Delivery Detail:Normally15-30 days, according to the quantity

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Design features
Single cartridge seal
Single spring seals
Independent of direction of rotation
Admissible axial movement ±2
Temperature:150 ℃
Pressure:0.8 Mpa
Rinse:Without flushing water
Speed:1500 r/min
Shaft via:80 mm
Technical data
About information
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