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What is the product after service

Sdms Seal Co., Ltd. with good reputation, first-class product quality and service, senior industry experience, strong technical strength, the company's products by the user's consistent high praise!Mechanical seal in long time, bad working condition of operation, will inevitably produce some failures.For this service has been Sdmsseal company attaches great importance to a business.
To ensure that each product in Sdmsseal company purchase of mechanical seal of clients' interests.Our company special in the pre-sale and after-sale service description:
Door-to-door service description:
1, The door of surveying and mapping services:
Customers when don't know what type of pump mechanical seal, the model need to Sdmsseal company provides mechanical seal installation size, if not installed size may require Sdmsseal engineers door of surveying and mapping.Sdmsseal company sent the engineer's transportation costs shall be borne by the customer.(if the customer has to replace down waste mechanical seal can be sent to Sdmsseal company, our company can according to the customer before the use of mechanical seal size, tailored.) 
2, The door installation services:
Due to various factors, customer cannot undertake the installation of mechanical seal, sometimes  Sdmsseal engineers can go to installation of mechanical seal in customer facotry.Sdmsseal company sent the engineer's transportation costs shall be borne by the customer. 
3, Door to door service
A. Use fault occur during the warranty period of mechanical seal, Sdmsseal company will according to the customer to make a replacement or send engineers door maintenance.Occur during the warranty period of mechanical seal exchange of freight transportation charge or Sdmsseal engineering this service, shall be borne by the Sdmsseal company. 
B.It is not in the warranty period or due to other factors of Sdmsseal company failures, Sdmsseal company will according to the customer to make a replacement or send engineers door maintenance.Occurrence of mechanical seal exchange during the period of freight transportation costs or Sdmsseal engineering service life, shall be borne by the customer. 
Return the service description:
Return to Sdmsseal products, must indicate the cause of the problem, the samples of packing list, contact information, if not fill out the above content, we do not guarantee timely received and timely deal with your problem
If you received the goods are not satisfied, can return within 7 days upon receipt of goods, only need to bear the freight can be (but must ensure that the goods and packaging, accessories complete, unchanged, will not affect the second sales) return contact phone number: 400-880-9944
According to "consumer rights and interests of the People's Republic of China protects a law", "product quality law of the People's Republic of China" and other provisions, in Sdmsseal company purchase product user, please read carefully the page is introduced in detail. 
Based on our confidence in selling goods, in line with customer service and maintain its good business reputation, for the following warrantee:
1, If you receive in Sdmsseal company found that is not what you want product after purchase of products, even without any quality problem, you can be 7 days after receipt of the products (with receiving them shall prevail), return to Sdmsseal company requirement, you just need to bear the return postage.If you buy the goods in the receiving date is within 7 days appear quality problem, check by our technical staff did the problem was with us.We will arrange for you to replace the product or refunds according to your requirement, we bear all the freight back and forth. 
2, Do you refund the goods shall meet the following basic conditions:
A. Return products should be kept when you receive the product.(unless the product itself has the quality problem)
B. It should maintain a brand new replacement products, related subsidiary fittings is complete
C. The warranty card and other written material not fill in with goods and any defiled, folding. 
D. Return product itself original packaging should be intact.   
3, Return of product requirements, original, complete with packaging with product and return reason. 
4, When any of the following circumstances, cannot enjoy the warrantee that Sdmsseal company:
Product has been abnormal use, the storage of abnormal condition;Incorrect installation;The liquid splashed down cause damage;Products of normal wear and tear;Return the product outer packing is not complete;Returned products with products and the attached information is not complete;Returned to the product of the invoice or receipt lost, altered or damaged;Warranty card to fill in, beyond the quality guarantee period; 
5, Regulations on return postage
A, If you receive the product within 7 days, because of quality problems, need to change, we assume change back and forth the postage, if there is no quality problem, need to return, you need to bear the postage. 
B, Your product during the warranty period appear problem, you return to repair the postage borne by Sdmsseal company, we also undertake to send you back the postage after repair. 
C, If your product more than warranty period, need to send it back to repair, we no longer bear the postage.

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