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LB-LK7-120S210X mechanical seals for Wu Er Wu Pump

Product Description:Cartridge mechanical seal for Wu Er Wu pump LB type wear and corrosion resistance application.
Product Description

Sdms Seal Co., Ltd. is one of the largest mechanical seals manufacturer,designer, engineering and repaire in China.
We are offering a broad range of OEM cartridge seal,double and single cartridge seal, unbalanced and balanced cartridge seal,cartridge seal equipped with flush, double seal suited for heavy-duty for centrifugal pumps and other equipment with rotating shaft handling water ,oils,fuels,mild chemicals and liquids containing low quantity of abrasives.We offer products to a wide range of mechanical seal users across the nation.We carry John Crane,Eagle Burgmann,Roplan,Flowserve, Andritz,Ekato,KSB,Lightnin,Sulzer,Warman,Flygt,Depac,AES,Sterling,Pac-Seal and Agualisa products.We also do repair of mechanical seals of all brands quickly and guarantee.We have certificate of API Spec Q1, CE, ISO9001, which will add to our product reliability.For product dimensions and more further Information, please contact us.

Model No.: LB-LK7-120S210X  Style: mechanical seals cartridge seals

Sealing ring : hard metal/SiC
Other metal parts : 2Cr13/304/316L
Auxiliary seal : FPM/FKM/MVQ/NBR

Design features
Cartridge mechanical seal for Wu Er Wu pump LB type wear and corrosion resistance application. Our company as one of supplier of Wu Er Wu Pump mechanical seal, providing the long-term series of mechanical seals, involving various shaft, there is LB-LK1, LB-LK2, LB-LK3, LB-LK4, LB- LK54, LB-LK6, LB-LK7.
Single cartridge mechanical seal, the replacement is simple and convenient to install, comes with flushing circulation system, the water can wash away the external sealing surface normal leakage medium and particulate matter.To prevent long-term corrosion and deposition of particles impregnated sealing medium.

Recommended Applications Pumps and Rotating Equipment
Xiangyang Wu Er Wu Pump Industry Co.,Ltd

Packaging Details:standard export carton/plywood box or according to the requirement.Delivery Detail:normally 15-30 days, according to the quantity.
We are the real manufacturers from China, we can provide the picture of each product with multiple perspectives.

Sdms Seal Co.,Ltd. es un proveedor completo de dise?o, fabricación y reparacion de sello mecanico.Fabricamos sellos mecanicos tipo cartucho, sellos mecanicos tipo fuelle, sellos mecanicos tipo fuelle metálico, sellos mecanicos tipo ballesta, sellos cartuchos simples para bombeos, compresores, mezcladores, reactores,agitadores y otro equipo rotativo.Las marcas de sellos que reponemos diariamente son John Crane,Eagle Burgmann, Chesterton, Andritz, Ekato,Grundfos,ITT,KSB,Lightnin,Sulzer,Warman,Flygt,Depac entre otros.Tambien hacemos reparación de sellos mecánicos de todas las marcas con rapidez y garantía. Estamos en condiciones de cerfificar API Spec Q1,CE, ISO9001,lo que agregará confiabilidad a nuestro producto.Por dimensiones y mayor informatión,contáctenos.

Nuestros materiales
Comportamiento químico, temperatura, viscosidad y presión de vapor, etc factores para elegir sellos mecánicos.Los sellos mecánicos pueden ser fabricados con diversos materiales.
Cuerpo del sello : aceros inoxidables304,316,316L y 2205 etc.
Cara rotatoria: hastelloy, carburo de silicio ,grafito y ceramica etc.
Asiento estacionario: hastelloy, carburo de silicio,grafito y ceramica etc.
Elastómeros: vitón, aflax, buna, propileno y silicona etc.

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Design features
Single cartridge seal
Multiple springs
Independent of direction of rotation
Admissible axial movement ±1
Temperature:150 ℃
Pressure:0.8 Mpa
Rinse:External flushing circulation
Speed:1300 r/min
Shaft via:97 mm
Technical data
About information
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